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Welcome to The Ride Connection

Welcome to The Ride Connection!

So what is The Ride Connection? We are a central repository for cyclists and rides. Our mission is to match cyclists with other cyclists and riding opportunities. Although cycling is a great solitary sport we have a fundamental belief that cycling is more fun when enjoyed with others. We provide powerful ride management and search tools to connect you with other cyclists with similar goals and abilities.

Here are some of the website's cool features:
  • Post impromptu, scheduled and recurring rides.
  • Automatic ride notifications by email based on your profile and preferences.
  • Sophisticated search for members, rides, ride groups and routes.
  • Google maps integration including feet of climbing.
  • Printable cue sheets in PDF, Word and Excel.
  • Anonymous email through the site until you get to know your future riding buddy.
  • Create favorite ride and favorite route lists. Be notified if your favorite rides change.
  • The ability to link your ride and route. Rides and routes can function separately as well.
  • Create and join ride groups. Just add a ride group to your favorites list. It's that simple.
  • Ride RSVP. Let the ride leader know if you will ride with them.
  • SSL encryption. Your connection is as secure as online banking.
These are just a few of The Ride Connection's many features. We encourage you to create an account to find out more. It's free to join.

We hope that you will use The Ride Connection to enhance your cycling experience. We welcome all feedback as we continue to add additional features.

You can help get the word out about The Ride Connection. TRC kits, jerseys and t-shirts can be purchased at cost. Contact TRC for details.

Have fun and ride safe!

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